Q: How do I determine the voltage needed for my printer?

A: Measure the voltage output from your power supply using a multimeter, or check our LED voltage chart here: https://printermods.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/60000601759-12v-vs-24v-which-should-i-buy- 

Q: What is the brightness of the LEDs?

A: Our LEDs (especially the hot ends) are super bright, and they are about 6000-6500K in color temperature.

Q: Do I need any printed parts or a mount to install the LEDs?

A: No. As long as your printer uses aluminum V-slot rails (like most machines), you're good to go. The LEDs are designed to slide into the extrusion with no additional parts, brackets or other accessories needed.

Q: Can I add a switch to the hot end LEDs?

A: You can, although we don't offer a kit like this right now. We're evaluating various in-line switch options for quality, ergonomics, cost, complexity, etc., and will release them as an option when we know we have a product you'll love.

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