Q: Do you sell linear rails?

A: At this time, we only sell adapters and hardware kits to mount and use linear rails on your 3D printer. The reason for this is that linear rail sourcing options are plentiful, and we choose to give the customer the freedom to use any rail they may prefer-- from low cost, Chinese rails to expensive, genuine ones (and everything in between).

Q: What kind of linear rails should I buy?

A: That varies depending on your printer model and axis of motion. Check out this chart for more information on which rails to use for your machine.

Q: Do your kits include all the hardware needed to mount the rails and carriages?

A: Yes, our kits include all hardware required for mounting both the rails and carriages to your printer.

Q: Why do you consider this an "advanced" modification?

A: V-slot wheels and eccentric nuts, while troublesome, are quite forgiving in terms of assembly and adjustment. Linear rails, however, require perfect alignment, proper cleaning and care, etc.

Q: How do linear rails improve print quality and reliability?

A: Quality can be improved by the addition of perfectly straight, highly rigid carriages which translate to straighter, more consistent movements along axes. The use of linear rails also eliminates the dust accumulation commonly caused by wear of the V-slot wheels as they rub against the extrusion, while ensuring that eccentric nuts, flat spots, etc. are never a problem again.

Q: How do I care for my linear rails?

A: For high quality rails, follow the manufacturer's maintenance and installation guidance exactly. We love Alex Kenis' YouTube series on caring for cheaper rails, available here: https://youtu.be/loBHYcifzRM?t=1180 

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