Q: Is it too heavy? Do I need a dual Z lead screw?

A: No, a dual lead screw setup is not needed for the MDD, even when using a full-sized Creality stepper motor. Just a properly aligned X gantry (see this guide for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bFYH0X3qjk)

Our tests have demonstrated that the increased effector mass on the X axis is not heavy enough to cause significant unwanted deflection or drop, even higher than average travel speeds. This is partly due to the rigid coupling and alignment of the stepper motor with the MDD's solid carriage plate, which restricts unwanted movements and vibrations, and effectively translates those forces to the rollers, which are more than strong enough to bear the load without deforming.

Q: Which Creality Ender and CR models is it compatible with?

A: The MDD will fit all Ender 3 models, including the regular Ender 3, Ender 3X, and Ender 3 Pro. It will fit all CR models EXCEPT the CR-10S PRO. 

Q: What hot ends and extruders does the MDD work with?

A: Many, though we recommend using it with the stock Creality hot end and extruder combination. Other supported components include extruders like the Bondtech BMG, E3D Titan and EZR Struder, as well as hot ends like the E3D V6 and Micro-Swiss, with more compatibility coming soon.

Q: What slicer settings do I need to change?

A: Slicer settings can vary based on machine, filament, etc. However, you should expect to significantly reduce your slicer retraction settings (we recommend starting around 1.0mm at 30mm/s and tuning from there). You will also need to disable ooze control methods like coasting, wipe, etc.

Q: Where does this product ship from?

A: We manufacture and produce our kits in the USA. All MDD kits ship from our warehouse near Tampa, Florida.

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